The government has the political will to tackle tax evasion, says Tzanakopoulos

The issue of tax avoidance and tax evasion through offshore companies is an international problem and a massive legal effort is required to solve it, State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said to the radio station 247 on Thursday.

He also stressed the need for a government with the will to tackle the phenomenon and promote legal and real ways to effectively control those that resort to such practices. The Greek government has the will and has proceeded to pass legislation that permits such control, Tzanakopoulos added.

The spokesman also noted that public dialogue on court decisions does not constitute interference in justice’s work. Intervention in justice, he added, was to make phone calls, give orders or form clandestine networks that truly seek to influence court decisions.

On the negotiations for the FYROM name issue, he estimated that a solution will finally be found to an issue that has plagued political life for over 25 years. He said it was “reasonable and completely fair” for different approaches on the issue to exist in the government because it consistd of two political parties with different positions on the specific issue and in others.