The government is buying time and the climate stabilizes, according to government officials

The “gains” of last Monday’s Eurogroup have already been reflected on the Greek political climate. The government is buying time as 2017 and 2018 are free from measures, according to government officials.

This time is necessary so that the programme agreed with the institutions is concluded, the economy recovers and the country taps the markets. Meanwhile, the social programme, or the so called parallel programme, will be fully implemented.

“The key message has been given and this is the restoration of stability, the final end of risky and catastrophic scenarios and the consolidation of confidence in the Greek economy,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Tuesday said during a press briefing.

Government sources stressed to the Athens Macedonian News Agency the importance of European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici’s statement. Moscovici said that “the Eurogroup allowed the return of the institutions in Athens in order to create a balanced package.”

The same sources said that the Greek government insists on asking German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble to adopt more realistic positions because the 3.5 percent surplus target for 10 years is not realistic at all.