The government managed to restore credibility with as few as possible losses for citizens, Flambouraris says

The government has managed to prevent total destruction and restore the country’s credibility with as few as possible losses for citizens, State Minister Alekos Flambouraris said in an interview with Nea Selida newspaper on Sunday.

The country is now shielded thanks to stable primary surpluses, the resilience of the banking system and the exploitation of our geopolitical advantages, he said and added “in this sense, I can say that the hard sacrifices of the Greek citizens have ended and I think that the third programme review will be much easier.”

Flambouraris expressed the hope for a smooth and quick conclusion of the third programme review so that all energy and creativity are channeled to meeting the main target, that is Greece of the new age.
The State Minister explained that the conditions for exiting the memoranda exist while the debt issue depends on the implementation of the partners’ commitments.

Regarding the political controversy over Skouries, he stressed that “the government wants healthy productive investments that will combine economic development with the protection of the environment, the protection of the public property and the history of our country.”