The government will not fall despite ND’s expectations, Digital Policy Min says

Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas speaking to Open TV on Thursday referred to SYRIZA’s cooperation with Independent Greeks (ANEL) ahead of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ meeting with ANEL’s leader Panos Kammenos on Friday on the Prespes Agreement that has brought turmoil in their cooperation.

ANEL is the junior party that participates in the government.

Pappas said that the government had a “excellent” cooperation with ANEL, which did not hindered SYRIZA of legislating its initiatives.

“We are facing a significant problem, we knew it” admitted Pappas adding that the prime minister was totally clear and the landscape will be clarified in their meeting. The cards are on the table and each one is called upon to make his choices.

Asked on the number of MPs expected to support the government, he said that the government will not fall despite New Democracy’s (ND) estimates.

On the possibility of early elections, he noted that in such a case “we will launch the necessary legislative inititiatives and we will proceed with the required procedures,” he said adding that “May is a limit” in case the government does not have the parliamentary majority.

He said that the Prespes Agreement is not the only issue concerning the government partners and explained that “we cooperated with Mr. Kammenos and took the country out of the memoranda.”

Finally, he noted that there is no distance with ANEL leader and referred to a friendship (between Tsipras and Kammenos) which is based on fair words. He reiterated that the prime minister made his position clear on Wednesday and admitted that this is the most difficult time of the co-governance.