The gov’t underestimated the incident with the two Greek servicemen, says ND’s Georgiadis

New Democracy (ND) vice president Adonis Georgiadis said that “the government underestimated the incident with the Greek servicemen and this is proven by the facts,” in comments on Wednesday to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency radio “Praktoreio 104.9 FM”.

Georgiadis was referring to the case of two Greek soldiers arrested by Turkey for crossing into its territory during a border patrol last week.

“The first announcement was that it was a matter of few hours (before they are released)and when this did not happen and they were sent to jail, the government’s spokesman said they will be back in Greece on Monday. So, when a government fails in its assessments, in what it states publicly, obviously it has underestimated the incident,” explained Georgiadis.

Referring to Novartis case, the main opposition deputy said that “it has already blown over” and “nobody in Greece cares about this case any more”.