The Greek people will have to decide on FYROM name, Kammenos says

“The Greek people will have to decide on the unprecedented concession of history and culture to another people in the history of mankind,” Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said on Sunday in an article in ‘Dimokratia’ newspaper.

He explained that “the inclusion of the term ‘Macedonia’ in the name of FYROM will mean the shrinking of Greek culture, history, philosophy, arts, etc. for the centuries to follow. Such a decision goes beyond the powers of any politician, of any rank.”

Moreover, he said that main opposition’s ‘incomprehensible’ insistence on the government to resign without saying which name it will accept undermines the negotiating procedure as since 2007 its negotiating position is a compound name with geographical qualifier (erga omnes).

In his statements for the solution of the FYROM name issue, the Prime Minister has proposed a mutually accepted solution on the basis of a compound name with geographical qualifier, Kammenos noted, adding that “it was not cited that the compound name will include the term ‘Macedonia.'”