The KKE will support the working class in Greece’s region, Koutsoumbas says

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas on Sunday addressed a meeting of labour and communist parties of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Persian Gulf held at KKE’s headquarters in Perissos, promising that the KKE “will stand at the side of the working class in the countries of our region, expressing internationalist solidarity and supporting the struggle of the peoples against capitalist barbarity, the attack of capital and its political representatives.”

Among others, he referred to the support for Israel’s aggressiveness and the right of the Palestinian people to live in their own, independent country, with its 1967 borders.

He concluded his speech by referring to the 100th anniversary since the October Revolution that gave rise to the Soviet Union, stressing that the “revolutionary struggle will continue.”

“Our age is an age of passage from capitalism to socialism. The rot of the exploitative system and its insuperable contradictions highlight that socialism is more necessary and timely,” he added.