The lenders must meet their commitments, says gov’ spokesman Tzanakopoulos

The sense of urgency should not exist only for the Greek government, said government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos in an interview with RealNews newspaper on Sunday.

We are very well aware that the Greek economy must fully and totally stabilise and we did whatever we could, we met all those agreed. We hope our lenders to do the same. The institutions compliance report to be ready on time and tabled at the Eurogroup meeting on Monday and of course the discussion for the debt to complete, said Tzanakopoulos.

It is of great importance the Greek economy to stabilise totally and finally, he underlined adding that “there are still differences between the IMF and Berlin and nobody can say for sure that the agreement will be reached on May 22 or a couple of days will be needed to have white smoke”.

Asked on when the country will tap the markets, Tzanakopoulos said that the prime minister has clearly stated that the government’s aim is this to happen immediately after the comprehensive agreement that will pave the way for the inclusion in ECB’ quantitative easing programme. “The indications we have from the performance of the Greek bonds that were are on a positive course. The specific date will depend on the next days’ developments”.

Referring to the government’s priorities after the agreement, the government spokesman noted that “the way opens for the final exit from the crisis. For us, top priority at this phase is to create conditions of recovery with productive investments that will lead to the restoration of the employment.
To continue the huge effort for the restructuring of the social state and of course to proceed with deep democratic changes. “I believe that a new period starts and based on the results we will have the Greek people, in two years from now when we will have general elections, will give us again the mandate for another four-year tenure”, concluded Tzanakopoulos.