The major reforms are still ahead, ACCI president Constantinos Mihalos says

“Prime Minister announcements are on the right direction; the only issue is the time the measures will be implemented” said Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Constantinos Mihalos in an interview with the Sunday newspaper Documento.

Mihalos noted that the business world would expect the tax reduction from 29 percent to 25 percent to be applied sooner and not in a four-year period. He also believes that the reduction of the contributions for insurance is on the right directions underlining that “the most important is the need for a stable taxation and insurance environment’s

“Greece must have over 3 percent growth rates in the next years” in order the condition of the households and the enterprises to improve and the markets’ trust to increase.

He also opined that the biggest obstacle in Greece’s growth effort is competitiveness.

The major reforms are still ahead, said Mihalos adding that “now is the time to implement them according to a national plan to accelerate the growth and to win the wager of the next day”.