EBEA: The majority of Greeks cannot save a small or large amount

Greek citizens are more optimistic about their personal economic situation and the economy in general, according to a Pulse RC survey unveiled on Monday.

The improvement is recorded in the economic indicators of a March 2019 survey in Attica, compared with the previous survey in November 2018, conducted on behalf of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

More survey participants than in November 2018 expressed optimism (42 pct vs. 34 pct) about their personal financial situation. Greater optimism than in November was also recorded for the Greek economy (36 pct vs. 29 pct). However, the balance remains negative.

“It is positive that citizens have begun to see the future in a positive way, both in terms of their personal situation and the Greek economy in general,” ACCI President Constantinos Michalos said.

“However, the government must not stop the efforts for the improvement of the citizens’ everyday life,” he said and added: “The majority of Greeks cannot save a small or large amount, while the estimates for attracting investments and the adequacy of social benefits are also negative.”