The ministry will be ready for possible multiple elections in May, Int. Min Charitsis says

The interior ministry must and will be ready for all possibilities, including that of holding local, European and general elections together in May, Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis said while speaking to Real FM on Monday. He added that the elections will be held in the best way possible, on a technical and institutional level, using a series of technological innovations that will be introduced for the first time.

Referring to a draft law on naturalisations, the minister said: “The effort we are making aims to create an objective and transparent system for granting nationality to those categories of our fellow citizens that are entitled to it, under the Constitution and the law.”

On the vote of Greeks abroad, Charitsis urged “greater responsibility from the forces of the opposition regarding this thorny issue, as this government is the first that has the will to address this issue since 2001.”