The new Patras port supports the development of the wider region, its CEO says

The construction and the operation of the commercial section of the new port of Patras will boost the development of the port as well as the wider region, the president and managing director of the Patras Port Organization Nikos Kontoes said in an interview with the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

Kontoes stressed the importance of linking the port with the new high-speed rail line that is already being built in order to operate as a full intermodal transport node.

“The port of Patras is integrated into the central network of trans-European transports, and specifically in its core,” he underlined.

Unfortunately he added, “the construction of the commercial section was not included in the strategic transport framework 2014-2020”. This, as he stressed, “can be done, in accordance with the decision on the adoption of the strategic transport framework, in its first revision in November 2017.”

“The Port Authority of the Patras Port has done all the necessary actions and has informed the political leadership of the Shipping Ministry about the necessity to revise the strategic transport framework and to include the port in the list of projects of the strategic framework so as to facilitate the financing of the commercial segment,” Kontoes concluded.