The observation of the dolphins in the wetland of Amvrakikos

The observation of the dolphins in a landscape of extreme natural beauty in the wetland of Amvrakikos is a unique experience for visitors.

The bottlenose dolphins of Amvrakikos is a protected population under immediate threat. The observation does not seem to distress the dolphins, environmentalist Venetia Gigi said. “We observe them while they are eating and when they finish with their food they come close to our boat to play, do tricks and flippings with their babies.”

Every day, a small cruise is organised in the impressive life of Amvrakikos Gulf wetland, a small trip in the world of the dolphins.

The bottlenose dolphin population of Amvrakikos is permanent and is one of the largest in the Mediterrenean. The wetland, protected by the Ramsar Treaty, was declared a National Park in 2008.