The omnibus bill rationalises benefits policy, gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos says

The omnibus bill currently in Parliament includes provisions that rationalise the government’s policy on benefits, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Wednesday in an interview with RealFm.

“More than 600,000 families will see their child benefit rise,” he said.

Tzanakopoulos explained that the government and the Labour minister decided to expand support to all families with children, not only families with three or more children.

Asked on the changes regarding the right to strike contained in the omnibus bill, he said: “There was a tough negotiation with the institutions and we managed to gain the reinstatement of the collective labour agreements (…). We have also increased employees’ negotiating power, and opened the way for the payment of oustanding wages.”

In essence, he said, the change in the right to strike provision was minor, changing the requirement for a quorum of one-third of paid-up members to half (50+1). He also clarified that the quorum requirement for regional or pan-hellenic unions remains unchanged.

Regarding the negotiations with FYROM, he said that Greece’s position is known. “We are seeking a mutually accepted solution within the framework of the country’s position since 2018, that is, a compound name and the removal of any irredentist content from the neighboring country’s Constitution.”