‘The one-and-only new element at government’s briefing on schools’ opening was the setting of the date itself one week later,’ says SYRIZA

SYRIZA on Tuesday said that “the only new element presented at the education minister’s briefing on the opening of schools was the setting of the date itself one week later.”
The government remained totally unprepared for the launch of the new school year, the main opposition party continued, adding that although it had said schools were to open on September 7, “they will finally open on September 14 in order for the government to avoid the political fiasco concerning the supply of face masks, which are impossible to receive on time.”
One million students in Greece (75 pct of all the country’s students) attend classes of 17 students or more, noted Syriza, “but no mention was heard of reducing the number of in-class students to a safe maximum of 15,” the party added. Nor did the government mention, it said, the much needed hiring of additional janitor staff, the additional hiring of teachers, “or indeed, the supplementary support funding of the education infrastructure by either the state budget or the European Recovery Fund.”
There was also no mention of taking the body temperatures of teachers and students upon arrival at schools, Syriza observed, or details concerning the use of cameras in classrooms for distance learning and how the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is involved in the matter, the party underlined.