The process of submitting applications for the 1st Thales of Miletus Business Awards is ongoing

Thales of Miletus Business Awards are organized by the Cpan in collaboration with GK MEDIA PUBLISHING and the PALLADIAN CONFERENCES, under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos and with the support of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece and the Federation of Industries of Greece.

Thales of Miletus Business Awards come to reward the best of Greek entrepreneurship, the discerning and pioneering who dare, envision, pioneer and distinguish in a period full of adversity. At the same time, they aim to promote the selected entrepreneurs in order to become a role model for society and a lever for the relaunch of the Greek economy. The companies-members of 59 chambers from all over the country have the right to apply for prizes until the 30th of June.

They will be awarded during an event that will be carried out in Thessaloniki on September 6th 2019, with guests the political leadership, representatives of the local administrations and authorities, of the production and entrepreneurship sector of the country, as well as the business world.

The following are the categories of Prizes:

Insightful business – Thales of Miletus award (Bold business decisions during the crisis)

Self-made Businessman (Creation of a profitable business from the first step)

Family Business (Achievements of the youngest generation)

Innovative Business (Innovations)

Fast Growing Business (Positive changes of basic sizes)

Extrovert Enterprise (Percentage of turnover exports)

Woman-Entrepreneur (Company achievements under her command)

A Company that creates new jobs (Number of new jobs)

Corporate and socially responsible Enterprise (CSR actions)

Digitally transformed Enterprise (Successful digital transformation)

A concerted enterprise with the principles of corporate governance (Implementation of corporate governance rules)

Startup Entrepreneurship (New business achievements).

The organizing committee of the prizes is the Professor Dionysis Chionis (President), Mrs. Mary Chatzakou, Vice-president and CEO of Mevgal, Professor Yiannis Mourmouras, Vice-Governor of Bank of Greece, Mr. Konstantinos Kollias, President of Economic Chamber of Greece, Mr. Stathes Falides, Head of  AXEPA Hellas, Professor Yiannis Papadimitriou and former Dean of the University of Macedonia and Dr.Christos Georgiou, Director of Studies and Documentation of Federation of Industries of Greece, who will evaluate the participants.

The winners will be screened in the relevant debriefing edition of the prizes which will be distributed for free at the International Fair of Thessaloniki.