The rules in public transport: We move with responsibility, we stay safe

New rules will be applied on Monday in the public means of transport with guideline the safe movement of the citizens.

-The use of face mask is mandatory in trams, buses, trolleys and metro for both passengers and employees
-We are not leaving our house if we have symptoms, even light ones
-We keep the safety distance inside the trains, in bus and in metro stations
-There will be ‘passenger assistants’ that will check the citizens while entering 45 of the most important metro stations with connection with buses and trams to avoid congestion
-We use the mass transport only if there is no other way to move and only for an important reason
-Only two passengers and the driver are allowed in each vehicle
-The buses, tram and metro service frequency will increase
-The use of elevators, except for persons with disabilities, is forbidden
-Passengers can’t’ get on buses and trolleys from the front door
-Civil servants will arrive at work gradually to avoid congestion in public means of transport

Additionally, the suburban railway will be operating normally with the use of face mask mandatory and

Finally, only one passenger is allowed in taxis with exception parents with children and persons accompanying persons with disabilities and of course with the use of face masks.