The solution lies in the left progressive federalism, says Digital Min. Pappas

The solution lies in the left progressive federalism, this is the road Europe should follow, claimed Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas in his interview with EURACTIV on Thursday.

The left progressive forces should take more initiatives in order policies towards this direction to be implemented, stated Pappas.

Referring to Greece’s trial return to the markets he called it successful adding that it reflects the image of a country that is recovering. “I believe a circle is closing. From now on a plan for development that will not repeat the wrongdoings of the past should be applied.

“Greece can become a telecommunications, trade and transport hub but in order this to be achieved it needs modern networks”.

Referring to the recent Eurogroup, the minister pointed out two important decisions. Firstly, the implementation of the growth clause which changes the economic logic and secondly the decision that foresees the creation of the necessary reserves that will guarantee Greece’s return to the capital markets without conditions. “The ESM and the political leaderships guarantee the normal funding of a country that is in a programme. This, I believe, is a huge step”. said Pappas.

“Elections will be held at the end of the four-year tenure” said Pappas adding that “Alexis Tsipras will be the first prime minister (in the period of the programmes) that will complete his four-year tenure. Such a development will be a sign of normality and recovery” underlined Pappas.