The third review will conclude without additional measures, says Tzanakopoulos

The third review will be concluded without any additional fiscal measures for 2018, State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Thursday in an interview with SKAI TV.

“There is a possibility that we will have a staff-level agreement in time for the Eurogroup meeting on December 4. In any case, the process of the third review will have been completed in January 2018, estimated Tzanakopoulos.

After Greece’s exit from the current strict supervision in August 2018, there will be more freedom than that existing today, he noted, saying the government intends to introduce tax relief from 2018 onward. He also clarified that those entitled to the one-off social handout will receive it on December 15.

On the property auctions, he clarified that no working-class family’s primary residence will be auctioned off. The government is trying to protect the notaries and the auctions’ process while also not stoking tensions further, he added.

Tzanakopoulos also announced that the 5,000-euro emergency relief aid to flood-stricken households will start to be paid on Friday, while an 8,000-euro flood relief benefit for businesses will be paid after there is a full record of the damages.