The total number of recently arrived refugees and migrants in Greece had risen to 50,256

The total number of recently arrived refugees and migrants in Greece had risen to 50,256 by the latest count, the Greek Coordinating Body for Management of the Refugee Crisis announced on Sunday. More than half of these, or 28,518, were being hosted in facilities in northern Greece, it said.

A total of 4,668 individuals were registered on the Greek islands of the Aegean, with the highest number on the island of Lesvos (2,463).

Attica was currently hosting 14,150 people, of which 5,330 were staying at the port of Piraeus, while a total of 2,920 were in central Greece.

The numbers at the refugee and migrant camp in Idomeni had fallen to 11,500 people based on the latest count, while another 8,690 were divided among the three refugee facilities in Kilkis.

The numbers given by Greek authorities had risen by only 20 since Saturday, while they had fallen slightly on the islands and at Idomeni.

Efforts to decongest the overcrowded camp at Idomeni and persuade people to accept alternative accommodation in more structured reception facilities at the relocation centres resulted in the departure of three coaches bound for
Imathia and Pieria on Saturday, while a total of eight left Idomeni on Friday, six bound for Imathia and two for Pieria.

After concerted efforts by the UNHCR to inform the refugees and migrants how they could move to the temporary relocation centres, more than 600 people had expressed an interest in moving on Friday, in order to escape the very poor conditions at the Idomeni camp.

New arrivals at the Greek islands dropped sharply on Friday and Saturday, with roughly 150 mainly Pakistani nationals arriving on each day, mostly on the island of Lesvos.

Those still detained in the hotspots on the three islands, in accordance with the EU-Turkey agreement for those arriving after March 20, include 1,493 people at the Lesvos hotspot, 1,245 at the Chios hotspot and 125 at the hotspot on Samos.