Theodorakis announces his candidacy for new progressive party leadership

Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis announced in a statement on Friday that he will be standing as a candidate for the leadership of the new progressive party of the centre-left.

He explained that after his own party’s three-year contribution to Greece’s political life, it was now the time to take the next step.

Theodorakis said that his plans for the new party were simple; a relentless struggle for a fair country providing jobs and equal opportunities for everyone. The main principles inspiring this effort, he added, could be summed up as follows:

– Employees are not tax-collection machines

– The public sector is not political party booty

– Young people are not an export product

Theodorakis also noted that Greeks must be able to feel happy in their neighborhoods. “We must build, on new foundations, a Greece that produces and creates,” he underlined.