Theodorakis: Greece doesn’t want to return to the past of Mr. Tsipras, or to the past of Mr. Meimarakis

Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis urged Greeks on Monday to reject the main contenders in the election battle, SYRIZA and New Democracy, saying it’s an “old fairy tale” to believe one of them can save Greece.

“Greece doesn’t want to return to the past of Mr. Tsipras, or to the past of Mr. Meimarakis,” Theodorakis told attendees at an election event held in Thessaloniki where he also answered questions by journalists.

The leader of Potami accused Tsipras of being “incredibly insolent” for asking voters for outright majority that would give him the opportunity to make new bad decisions. During his speech, he outlined some of his party’s proposals for a series of issues, including:

-Barring anyone from becoming a minister unless he/she has accumulated five-years-worth of insurance stamps

-Two consecutive parliamentary tenures with a maximum of four in total

-No pension from serving in parliament

-Breaking up large constituencies and abolishing the 50-seat bonus granted to the first party

-No new taxes

-Free and untaxed transfers of real estate

-Distributing the unified property tax (ENFIA) to the municipalities

-Privatizations with transparency during the government’s first six months

-Return VAT to exporting businesses with a clean register
-Motives to farmers to sell their products through producers’ groups

-Immediate review of the way the 2 billion euros of EU funds are distributed to farmers to include all of them and not just the “cunning ones”

-A single commission’s body