There are no grey zones for Greece, says Alt. Defence Min Vitsas

“For us, there are no grey zones [in the Aegean],” Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas stated to the Athens Macedonian News Agency radio station Praktoreio 104.9FM on Thursday.

Asked to comment on statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to the Turkish parliament referring to “alternative solutions via diplomacy, recourse to the international court or military intervention,” on issues that, according to Ankara, exist in the Aegean, Vitsas replied: “Regarding this triplet, with which Cavusoglu was replying to another incendiary statement in Parliament, I would say that with respect to Greece’s sovereignty regarding its territorial expression, as this arises from international treaties, all three are rejected.”

“On sovereignty issues we cannot, should not and do not desire to back down even a millimetre and this is clear. There are matters we can discuss with Turkey, such as the management of the refugee crisis, economic relations and others but these are issues we simply do not discuss,” Vitsas underlined.

Regarding Turkey’s violations or the provocative statements made by Turkish MPs and other officials, he said that they should be mainly addressed through diplomacy and the international statement of our positions.” Referring to the defence ministry, Vitsas said that “we will continue to do our job as we have always done” and that it was ready to respond and confront to any possible threat in accordance the Greek people’s will.

Regarding developments in the FYROM name issue, Vitsas said that if issues such as irredentism are not resolved, finding a solution is not possible”.