There can be no complacency, no relaxation of effort, Petsas says

This Easter will be different, without any travelling, gatherings or attendance of churches, government spokesperson Stelios Petsas reiterated during Monday’s press briefing.

“No complacency, no relaxation [of effort] can be allowed. If we ease up, we will pay for it,” he said.

He underlined that it was important to follow the instructions of the experts in order for the health crisis to end as quickly as possible and with the least possible repercussions, adding that “it would be a shame to destroy everything we have achieved.”

It would be “unfair” if people got carried away by the spring weather and violated the restrictive measures, Petsas noted. At the same time, he stressed that the controls by the authorities were strict and will become even stricter. He also reiterated that no movement is permitted to visit relatives and friends’ houses to celebrate Easter. “Let’s instead celebrate the first victory against the coronavirus a few weeks later and let’s celebrate Easter all together, according to our traditions and religion, next year,” he added.

The government spokesperson emphasised that police checks are being carried out along all national highways, both old and new, as well as on minor roads, at intercity bus and train stations, ports and airports.

Additional measures have been taken in Roma settlements, in refugee and migration facilities but also for special groups, such as the homeless and addicts.

At the same time, he noted that the preparations are underway for a return to normality, but “we are not there yet. Nothing has been decided yet. The only sure thing is that the more disciplined our adherence to the restrictive measures, the sooner the countdown will begin for the slow and gradual return to normality.”