There was never a secret meeting between FM Dendias and German Chancellor Merkel, sources say

There was never a secret meeting between Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, diplomatic sources said on Monday, refuting reports of a meeting in the media.

The same sources also clarified that Dendias, in his recent interview with Politico, called on the EU leaders to send a clear message to Turkey and clarified that if they repeat what was done at the October summit, it would mean that they had not learnt their lesson. Dendias at no time made a personal remark addressed to the German chancellor, they noted. “If you do the same things you did in the past and expect a different outcome in the future, this is something described by the word ‘naive’ – and that’s the mild term I would say,” was the exact phrase of the foreign minister.

Such remarks about specific persons are not in keeping with the political culture of the foreign minister and his style of public speaking, they said.

Finally, all the moves and meetings of the foreign minister, including those in Berlin, are held in full consultation with the Maximos Mansion, the same sources stressed.