There was no unanimity on the EU’s statement on China’s human rights record-diplomatic sources

There was no unanimity among the 28 EU member-states on the Union’s statement which criticized China’s human rights record, Greek diplomatic sources said on Sunday, responding to a news report by Reuters earlier today.

The report said Greece had blocked a European Union statement at the United Nations that criticized China’s human rights record, “a decision which EU diplomats said undermined efforts to confront Beijing’s crackdown on activists and dissidents.”

The sources said Greece’s position is that “the unconstructive and often selective criticism against specific countries does not help promote human rights in these countries or in their relations with the EU”, adding that other countries also expressed similar reservations in the process of forming the joint statement.

“The way in which the EU draft stated the European position essentially undermined even the realization of the EU-China human rights dialogue which, after years and many postponements, is scheduled to take place in the near future,” the sources continued.

“The EU-China dialogue on human rights is, moreover, the most appropriate framework for discussing these issues,” they added.