“These fires are not that innocent,”Citizen Protection Minister Toskas tells ANA

“All government and state forces are on full standby, so that we don’t mourn victims and limit as much as possible the damages from this exceptionally difficult fire in Kineta, ” Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas told Athens Macedonian News Agency on Monday.

Speaking from the fire brigade’s operational center, the minister hinted that the large fire, on the Geraneia mountain range, could be the result of arson and that this will be investigated by authorities.

“These fires are not that innocent,” highlighted Toskas, adding that “last night, again on Geraneia, in the same areas where the fire broke out today, we had another two fires that were quickly brought under control. This afternoon, and while the fire in Kineta had spread, another fire broke out above the refinery in Aspropirgos. This was handled quickly, but all of this can’t not make you think.”

In regards to how the fire has been handled, Toskas said the fire brigade was informed of the blaze at 12:03 and there was an immediate response from fire fighters, the armed forces, regional and municipal authorities that helped support firefighters.