Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) to open on September 5 as planned, Karaoglou says

Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Theodoros Karaoglou stated on Thursday that “the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair will open as normal on September 5,” sending the message that the coronavirus is not invincible.

Speaking to SKAI radio, he also said the form of the exhibition will depend on whether Germany, which is the honoured country in this year’s fair, will participate in the exhibition or not.

There are questions over Germany’s participation because it has cancelled all its domestic exhibition until December 21, 2020. The final decision regarding its participation in TIF is expected to be known by the end of May and “if Germany decides to participate in TIF, then this year’s exhibition will be closed to the public and will have only trade visitors. If Germany cancels its participation then we will have a shorter and smaller exhibition. On our part, we are doing whatever possible for Germany to take part in the exhibition, even with only a small delegation”.