Thessaloniki Port Authority to pay increased dividend to shareholders

Τhessaloniki Port Authority SA on Wednesday said that an annual general shareholders’ meeting approved a board plan to pay an 1.42 euro per share dividend to shareholders.

The company will distribute to shareholders 75% of its 2020 profits, significantly up from 1.17 euro in the previous year.
Athanasios Lagias, executive chairman of the board, told shareholders that the company is expected to have chosen by the end of the summer the contractor for the expansion of the 6th pier project, which will alow the port of dock ultra large vessels with a capacity of 24,000 TEUs.

Belterra Investments, owner of a 67% of the company’s voting rights, said that it did not intend to take Thessaloniki Port Authority out of the stock market, despite the fact that it has the right to do so. Belterra did not offer any details over the possible price for the mandatory public offer for the remaining shares of Thessaloniki Port.

Thessaloniki Port Authority will invest 25 million euros by the end of 2022, raising the value of investments since March 2018 to 38.5 million.