Thessaloniki prosecutor orders inquiry into water supply failure

A Thessaloniki prosecutor ordered in emergency inquiry for liability in the extensive problems the city faced in its water supply when the central pipe of Aravissos broke down.

Prosecutor Lambros Tsogas asked the police to find out if breach of faith and obstruction in the operation of public facilities were committed, among other issues. He is also inquiring on the funds that Thessaloniki water company (EYDATh) received in recent years for the network’s upkeep and whether it actually did so.

In a separate development, EYATh president Yiannis Krestenitis said at a press conference in the city that an international tender will be announced within 2018 to expand the water-processing facilities sourced from the Aliakmonas River.

Both he and the head of the distribution said the interruption in water supply was necessary in order to find out where the problem was, and that up to Tuesday morning there was no indication of a leak.