Thirteen suspects in Polytechnic clashes charged with two felonies – 7 misdemeanors

A prosecutor charged 13 individuals arrested during the clashes between police and masked protesters near the Polytechnic University on Thursday night with two felonies and seven misdemeanors.

The 13 suspects, among which 5 foreign nationals and three minors, were charged with causing an explosion which could have endangered lives and the purchasing and manufacturing of explosive devices, which could also result to deadly injuries.

The two misdemeanor charges concern crimes such as disturbing the peace, aggravated damage for the destruction of property inside the Polytechnic, grievous bodily harm against a policeman, obstructing transportation, dangerous bodily harm, unlawful carrying of weapons, use of weapons, illegal possession and use of firecrackers and pyrotechnics.

According to information, all suspects except one deny the charges.