Threats to security should be dealt with by modernizing police, says Citizen Protection minister

Alternate Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas noted the need to deal with security issues by modernizing and restructuring the police, during his speech at the 5th annual “Exposec-Defenseworld” conference titled “Moving toward a dynamic Defense & Security Policy”, held at the Hellenic Armed Forces Officers’ Club (LAED).

“We must escape from old-fashioned directions and old-fashioned ways of dealing with problems,” he said.

Toskas noted that democratic societies are vulnerable and the state’s mechanisms must be ready to deal with any threats, adding that Greece is a pillar of stability in a “difficult” region where uncertainty dominates.

The conference is organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of the ministry of defence and the General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments (GDDIA).