Three arrested and 102 detained during operation in Exarchia, police report

Three people were arrested for drug-related offences and 102 were detained during a sweeping operation in the Athens district of Exarchia on Thursday, according to a police report later the same day. The operation started early on Thursday morning and concluded several hours later.

Among those detained is a 49-year-old woman that escaped during a raid by the coast guard in Exarchia the previous week.

Police said they had evacuated two buildings on Tzavella Street while the three arrests were carried out in an apartment looking on Exarchia Square.

Gerovasili: ‘No tolerance for crime, no tolerance for delinquency’

There will be no tolerance for crime or delinquency, Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili underlined on Thursday, while speaking on Alpha TV’s evening news broadcast.

“I am determined but also obliged by my position to show no tolerance,” she said, noting that the police operation in Athens’ Exarchia district on Thursday had been successful but had to also generate results “afterwards”.

“In other words, there must be legal consequences, because it often happens that [people are] arrested or detained and a few hours later they are free once again, because there is no evidence. The main thing is not to have sweep operations for show but operations that bring results,” she added.

While noting the government was greatly interested in seeing the police force use its potential to the utmost, the minister also pointed out that there were “complex issues” in the Exarchia district.

Asked how the re-occupation of the two buildings evacuated by police on Thursday might be prevented, the minister noted that it was now up to the owners, “who with the cooperation of the police must protect their property”.