Three killed, two injured in climbing and canyoning accidents

A couple from Singapore and one Greek trainer were killed while canyoning in the Agios Loukas Gorge in Xylokastro, Corinth, while the team leader, another Greek man, was injured and taken to a hospital in Corinth.

Fire department rescuers concluded an operate to locate and retrieve the members of the party on Sunday afternoon, following a search launched on Saturday evening at 19:00, when the wife of one of the two Greek trainers reported them missing.

The woman called emergency services to report that her husband had not returned since setting out on Saturday morning and was not answering his mobile phone, having greatly exceeded the normal time taken to complete a canyoning trip, which he had done many times before.

At around midnight on Saturday, one of the two Singaporean tourists was found dead, while the other three members of the party were located in a crevice the following morning. The 40-year-old Greek trainer and the Singaporean woman were dead, while the team leader was unconscious.

The injured man was pulled up at about 11:00 and taken to hospital in an ambulance, while the two dead bodies were finally recovered in the afternoon.

The police have launched an investigation into the tragic accident and are waiting for the injured man to testify and shed light on what happened. Rescuers taking part in the operation noted that there was a great deal of water from melting snow in the gorge, which may have played a part in the tragedy.

In another, unrelated, incident on Sunday, a 46-year-old German national was injured in a fall while rock-climbing in Leonidio, Arcadia. He was rescued by the fire brigade and taken to a local hospital, where doctors said his life is not in any danger.