Three Spaniards arrested over e-fraud against Greek company

Three Spanish nationals were arrested by police for allegedly defrauding a Greek company in northern Greece of 10,000 euros by hacking into their business e-mails and preteding to be their business partners, Greek authorities said on Wednesday.

According to the police, the three alleged perpetrators hacked into the e-mails of a company supplying the targeted business by convincing the latter’s management that the e-mails they were exchanging were from their legitimate suppliers. They then provided the targeted company with new bank accounts in which the company from northern Greece would need to deposit the fee from the alleged transactions and managed to extract the 10,000 euros.

When the fraud was discovered, the Greek company informed Northern Greece’s Subdivision of Electronic Crime who followed the digital traces of the perpetrators back to the Spaniards. Greek authorities alerted their Spanish counterparts who arrested the alleged offenders, who are said to have committed similar crimes in the past.

Part of the stolen fee was returned to the Greek company while a procedure is underway to recover the remaining amount, police said.