Three still missing from Saturday’s sunken boat incident, in which 16 migrants died

A ship and three patrol boats of the Greek coast guard were not able to locate three people still missing since Saturday morning in the eastern Aegean, when a wooden boat carrying migrants from Turkey sank.

As of Monday, authorities have recovered sixteen bodies, including nine minors, who were transported to Samos island for identification. Three of the passengers – one man and two women – had swum ashore to Agathonissi, where they were found and also taken to Samos.

Authorities on the island said that the 16 victims included 8 Afghan citizens and 6 Iraqis, and two whose bodies have not been identified yet. Victims included nine children, 5 of Afghan nationality and 4 of Iraqi.

Survivors told the coast guard that the boat was handled by two Turkish traffickers when it left the Turkish coast. At some point the boat appear to have mechanical failure and stopped, then started taking in water until it sank.