Three top chefs to create new menu for Aegean Airlines

Three experts of modern Greek gastronomy – Lefteris Lazarou, Christoforos Peskias and Stelios Parliaros – will join forces to create a new menu for the business class of Aegean Airlines and give passengers the opportunity to try dishes with a wealth of aromas from Greece.

On this journey of taste, Greece’s leading master of wine and Aegean wine consultant Konstantinos Lazarakis will also take part so that all of them can put forth the country’s unique gastronomic identity via the “Gastronomics” initiative.

The philosophy of “Gastronomics” is inspired by Greece’s wealth of taste, aromas, nature and memories that make up the authentic Greek gastronomy.

“Flavors from all over Greece wil travel to every destination abroad that Aegean travels to in order to unveil a part of the country’s gastronomic wealth. Flavours from Crete, Naxos, the Peloponnese and ingredients from all over Greece, are combined in unique ways by the three top chefs, creating a menu of more than 40 dishes that contain local products and wines from every corner of the countrry, presenting an authentic part of Greece,” Aegean said in a statement.