Ties between Greek, German importers have grown in last 5 years

“In the last five years we have broadened commercial ties between Greek and German importers to a large extent,” the general manager of the Greek German Chamber of Commerce, Athanasios Kelemis, told Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Kelemis pointed out that the Greek products most preferred by German consumers are yoghurt, dairy products, such as feta, olives and olive oil. Greek wine is also gaining a lot of fans in Germany, while there is strong momentum behind the export of tea and herbal products.

He said that Greek producers need to improve their packaging so that it better reflects its quality and place of origin.

Commenting on a recent food forum held by the chamber, he said that there were more than 140 participants on the first day, while on the second day there were meetings between 40 Greek food and drink businesses and 6 German businesses.

The goal of the forum is to promote the variety of agricultural products Greece offers, said Kelemis, adding that local producers are supporting this effort.