Tilos island power supply innovative project to start trial operation by February

The innovative hybrid project for Tilos island power supply start its trial operation until early February following three years of preparation.

The last pending issue closed on January 16 with the signing of the selling contract of the electricity between the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator and EUNICE Energy Group, something that as the chief Development Officer of the Group Zisimos Mantas said, makes “TILOS Project” the first hybrid station of electricity production from renewable sources.

The project combines energy production from renewable sources and storage in accumulators in order the consumers to be supplied and in period that the renewable sources (sun and wind) will be not available or enough.

The project is consisted by a wind turbine of 800 kW, a photovoltaic of 160 kW and a battery with storage capacity of 2.4 megaWatt-hour that can cover the needs of the island for approximately one and a half day in a period of low demand (winter) because the demand is higher in the summer.

It is estimated that the project will cover 80 to 85 percent of the island’s demands throughout the year while there will be days that there will excessive energy that will be channelled to Kos island through the already existing underwater connection. Another important fact is that the frequent blackouts observed on the island in the summer are expected to stop.

Besides the electricity production and storage system, the project includes modern systems of prediction and checking the wind and photovoltaic production. “This will assist us in programming when to charge or un-charge the battery” underlined Mantas.