Time is ripe for a national economic growth plan, FinMin Hardouvelis says

The Greek economy possesses all guarantees necessary to leave its past behind, Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis underlined in an article published in the Sunday edition of “Kathimerini” newspaper.

“We are gradually leaving behind six years of recession, unemployment, lower incomes, pain and anger. The challenge we are facing is to look at the future from a different perspective than we had in the past,” he underlined, adding that “Greece changes for the better”.

He noted that “the country moves closer towards the end of the adjustment programme and now is the time to commit to a national growth plan, not because it is a precondition for receiving loans but because we believe that it is a necessary precondition for the prosperity of our country and macroeconomic sustainability in the demanding environment of the euro.”

Hardouvelis said that efforts should focus on making the economy export-oriented and making Greece attractive to foreign investors, stressing that “the economy can no longer be consumption-driven”.

The finance minister also noted that the national plan supports sectors in which the country has strong comparative advantages, such as, tourism, high quality agricultural production, energy, logistics, shipping, pharmaceuticals, metal industry, construction materials, business services and research.

Hardouvelis underlined that a developed country like Greece cannot focus on sectors that are based on cheap labour, noting that the national growth plan focuses on increasing the value added of products and services through the incorporation of greater technological content, innovation and knowledge.