For the third time this year four Turkish aircraft violate Greek airspace

For the third time this year, Turkish F-16 aircraft flew over the small Greek islet of Anthropofagoi in the Fournoi archipelago.

According to the Greek Defense Ministry announcement, four Turkish Air Force F-16s entered Athens’ FIR at 2:41 pm at the north of the island without filing a flight plan and at 3:06 pm they flew over Anthropofagoi islet at a height of 3,200 feet. The Turkish formation exited Greece’s airspace at 3:09 pm flying south of Samos.

“All aircraft were intercepted and identified, according to international rules,” the statement concluded.

On March 23, six Turkish aircraft flew over Anthropofagoi islet, while on February 26, six more Turkish aircraft flew over Makronisi and Agathonisi.

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