Top court deputy prosecutor appeals against 2013 court ruling on Artemis Sorras

A Supreme Court deputy prosecutor on Monday brought an appeal against a Misdemeanors Court 2013 decision which had accepted that self-proclaimed billionaire and aspiring politician Artemis Sorras has a fortune totaling 600 billion euros.

Sorras is currently facing charges under anti-racism legislation for comments regarding Paralympic athletes and is under investigation for encouraging citizens not to pay their debts to the tax office and social insurance funds.

However, the decision which will be issued will not have legal consequences – that is, it will not annul or alter the 2013 decision because too much time has lapsed. Instead, it will serve as a case law and will prevent Sorras from citing it, if the decision is against him.

Deputy prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou also decided that the original ruling lacked detailed justification and had a flawed reasoning, while it also interpreted wrongly article 191 of the penal code on disseminating fake news.