Top court prosecutor orders reopening of cases involving self-proclaimed billionaire

A Supreme Court prosecutor ordered on Thursday the reopening of all cases relating to a self-proclaimed billionaire, to investigate allegations he is encouraging people not to pay their taxes and social security contributions.

Artemis Sorras, of who very little is known, formed a group called “Assembly of Greeks” and claims he has billions of euros which could be used to buy back Greece’s debt from its creditors.

A second file was prepared by the prosecutor of the Peloponnese and contains authorizations submitted by citizens
to the tax office and social security funds in which they ask that their debts be collected by the bonds Sorras claims to have. A third file, concerns the distribution of the aforementioned authorizations at the Athens International Airport by members of Sorras’ group.

Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis has submitted a file with numerous press reports looking into Sorras’ activities.
The ministry of justice has also asked the president of the Supreme Court, Vasiliki Thanou, to look into a ruling by a lower court which acquitted Sorras of the crime of disseminating false news, after a lawsuit filed by New Democracy vice-president and MP, Adonis Georgiadis.