Top court upholds prison sentence, fine for former finance minister

The Supreme Court upheld on Tuesday a four-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 10,000 euros imposed on former finance minister Giannos Papantoniou and his wife, Stavroula Kourakou, for submitting an inaccurate wealth declaration for 2009.

Each of them was also ordered to pay 20,000 euros in compensation to the State due to moral damage.

In the first trial in a lower court, the pair was convicted for not declaring in their wealth declaration Kourakou’s bank deposit totaling 1,311,000 euros to HSBC’s Switzerland branch. The bank account and deposit were revealed during the investigation into the so-called “Lagarde list”, a spreadsheet containing roughly 2,000 potential tax evaders which is being investigated by authorities.

According to the court ruling, the initial deposit was made in 2000 when the bank account opened and remained there until 2010, when the money were repatriated in a bank account under the name of Kourakou’s sons, from her first marriage.

Papantoniou and his wife have also been convicted for wealth declarations for years prior to 2009 and was handed smaller fines.