Toskas: Attacks on embassies unacceptable, perpetrators will be prosecuted

The paint attack on Israel’s embassy in Athens on Monday “was an unacceptable and highly objectionable act,” and Alternate Interior Minister for Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas said in an interview to Real FM radio on Wednesday, and the government will make every effort to arrest the perpetrators.

The anarchist group Rouvikonas (Rubicon), responsible for the attack, “is treading on the margins of legality,” Toskas said, and noted that activism within legal limits must not be confused with transgression of the law. “We are clear and firm on this,” he said, “these people will be face the repercussions of their interventionist actions and offences against embassies of other countries. As you know, ambassadors of other countries were treated with respect since antiquity, and were considered sacred.”

Referring also to Friday’s attack of the Appeals Court, he said that the group responsible “will end up where other terrorist groups have ended up.”

Toskas also insisted there is no rise in terrorism incidents, as the opposition claims, but a phenomenon that rose after the intense events of 2008-09. “It is not new groups appearing, but their acts are condemnable anyway by all the Greek people, and you see how small these groups are and what state they are in,” he told the radio.