Economy Ministry: Tourism and industry at the focus of 821 investment plans

A total of 821 investment plans, worth 2.2 billion euros, have been submitted in the framework of a new development law in the country, Economy ministry said in an announcement.

The deadline for submitting investment plans ended on January 30, 2017, while finalization of these applications must be made by February 20, 2017.

The ministry said the figures were encouraging and according to an analysis of the investment plans, the biggest part of plans (41.3 pct) applied for tax exemption, while the remaining applied for subsidy, leasing or payroll cost support.

A 65 pct of investment plans and 51.3 pct of total value of the investments refer to the industrial sector (mostly agro-food), with a few in logistics, while investment plans in the tourism sector accounted for 35 pct of all investment plans, or 48.7 pct of total investment value.