Tourism infrastructure projects gives boost to Greek economy

Tourism infrastructure projects, such as the Paros airport and the Electra Metropolis Hotel, in downtown Athens, have offered a significant boost to other sector of the economy, Kostas Spanoudis, B2B Development Manager of Kraft Paints, told ANA on Monday.

Spanoudis said that a series of significant investments on tourism infrastructure made in 2016, boosted both tourism and the quality of the country’s tourism product and the construction sector as well. “This framework creates an environment upgrading two sectors simultaneously, two pylons of the Greek economy, tourism and constructions. 2016 has become a landmark year in this sense, with investment interest for tourism infrastructure rising strongly, leading to a new building activity and boosting the building materials’ market as well,” he said.
Kraft Paints participated in the Paros airport and the Electra Metropolis Hotel products as a supplier of external heat insulation products and paints.

Spanoudis said 2016 recorded a significant increase in Kraft’s sales compared with the previous year, with significant share credited to increased investments in tourism infrastructure, while the regions with the biggest demand were Crete, Athens, Chalkidiki, Mykonos and Paros.