Tourism, investment and coronavirus dominate phone call between Theoharis, Saudi counterpart

The strengthening of bilateral relations in areas such as tourism and investments between Greece and Saudi Arabia, as well as anexchange of views on dealing with the pandemic in both countries, were the focus of a phone conversation on Wednesday between Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis and his Saudi Arabian counterpart Ahmed Aqeel Al-Khateeb.

The two ministers reviewed the situation with regard to COVID-19 and agreed to set up a joint tourism committee, which aims to share data and information, education through the establishment of knowledge exchange and best practice workshops and common products as well as joint promotion for long-distance markets.

They also agreed on cooperation in the field of investments, a very important field for both countries, through the appointment of contact persons, aiming at further progress in this field while discussing the Greek initiative in the World Tourism Organisation and other issues that affect the body.

The two ministers additionally referred to the conclusions of the G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting held under the auspices of the Saudi Presidency, such as “encouraging the implementation of safe and secure travel principles, including improved connectivity and the creative use of new technologies, enhancing the safety, protection and experience of travelers, promoting sustainability and better management of visitors.”