Tourism Min: Road tourism may support the opening of the tourist market

Road tourism, that traditionally holds a significant share of the tourism, will depend on the new health conditions that will be formed from the opening of the borders with the neighouring countries.

In his intervention to Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis said that “road tourism will recover faster so the conditions must exist for the fast opening of the borders”. On the other hand, he underlined that the “road tourism is not the best kind of tourism so, we would not like this year’s tourism to be confine to this tourism”.

However, for the Tourism Ministry, road tourism is a priority for the markets of the Balkans and Theocharis pointed out that “we are forming the necessary health protocols for the road entrance gates to Greece and in parallel we are proceeding with all the necessary actions in order to make the tourist flows from the Balkans feasible. “Road tourism is a sector that may contribute in the support of the demand for the opening of the tourist market as well as to the extension of the tourist period in Greece” Theocharis underlined.

The number of tourists that entered the country by road in 2018 was 8.8 million corresponding to 29 percent of the 30.3 million tourists that visited Greece (except cruise).

The tourists are mostly from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania and North Macedonia.