Tourism Minister Theoharis to FAZ: Greece wants a plan that guarantees safety and is also realistic

Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis outlined the package of measures that Greece intends to take to restart its tourist industry in an interview with the German newspaper FAZ.

Theoharis said that the proposed health protection measures will be unveiled in a few days, underlining that conditions in the Greek hotels will in no way resemble hospitals.

“We want a plan that will guarantee safety but will also be realistic. This combination is important so that everyone is able to relax and feel good,” he said.

Asked about the European health protocol, he noted that individual countries will have to take responsibility and proceed unilaterally if the EU was unable to reach a joint decision. In this case, he added, bilateral agreements will be the rule. If they are proved successful then we will have arguments for extending them to all of Europe. Without a Europan solution, there can be no significant recovery for tourism in the long term, he said.